Legal Advice When Drafting a Will in Stettler

wills and estates lawyer

It is true that to get a lawyer’s advice and time, you will need to part with a significant amount of money. This should, however, not deter you from seeking the help of one to finalize the drafting of your will. Why, you ask? Well, a lawyer will see to it that you consider and cover all aspects
pertaining to the distribution of your estate in your will in a way that effectively reflects your wishes.

How Will a Lawyer Help You?

If you are reading this, you are most likely preparing your will or are thinking of
doing so. A wills and estates lawyer in Stettler can:

  • Understand your needs and why you need to do these things
  • Help state your wishes clearly such that your will shall be implemented as you
    want it to be
  • Ensure that all the laws of the land pertaining to estate inheritance are
    followed to the letter
  • Reduce any tax or costs that your loved one may be presented with after you
    pass on
  • Ensure that the estate division according to the will is done swiftly
  • Choose a guardian that will take care of your kids

In addition to the above, a wills and estates lawyer in Stettler can make notes about your mental capacity stating that you are in the right mental state to make the will as you already have

Why not go with Do-It-Yourself Kits?

DIY kits are attractive. There is no doubt about this. This is mainly because of their low costs. Many of them retail for significantly less than what the legal fees would cost. It will probably cost more if you have the lawyer draft the will.

While there are kits that are approved by experienced lawyers in the industry and feature comprehensive and clear drafting instructions, it is not advisable to replace the years of training and experience of an actual lawyer.


The cash you save in the long run by using a kit will be insignificant in the event your estate faces thousands of dollars in disputes. On the other hand, lawyers do make some errors while drafting wills. But because of this possibility, most also have insurance to cover costs of all mistakes made. This protection is imperative–and you will not enjoy the benefit of this protection when you create the will using these kits.


How can an improperly drafted will cost you?

The beneficiaries in your will may not necessarily be the ones that end up inheriting the assets you leave behind.And even if the beneficiaries listed inherit assets as stated, the legal expenses may be insane–cash that the beneficiaries listed will not get .Assets may end up being tied up in litigation before distribution to intended owners

Ways to land a great wills and estates lawyer in Stettler

Hire a lawyer you are familiar with–if you have a family lawyer, you could ask if he/she handles wills. If he/she does not, there are chances he/she can recommend one that is great

Ask for recommendations from family and friends – if your family or friend has hired a lawyer for such services in the past and gotten quality services, ask for referrals. You could also ask your financial adviser, insurance agent or accountant.


When dealing with something as critical as an estate, it is best that you play it safe. Consult with your family lawyer in Stettler  if you have one. If you don’t, do a lot of research.


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