Tips for Choosing the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Winnipeg

Criminal Defense Lawyer

If criminal charges are being filed against you, you may be facing consequences like jail time, some hefty fines or probation. Without a criminal defense lawyer by your side and a pretty good one at that, you are risking losing a lot more than just money.

If you are being accused of a crime, whichever kind, it is in your best interests that you prepare adequately for your day in court. Part of being prepared is getting a great criminal defense lawyer to be by your side. One of the key factors when choosing a lawyer, even a DUI lawyer in Winnipeg, is trust. Now, the question is, how do you determine whom you should trust?

Follow the below legal tips to choose one of the best lawyers who will be aggressive in defending your rights and negotiating with the prosecutors to lower the charges or even reduce the penalties.

Pick a lawyer practising criminal law

Whether your case will be tried or not, it is imperative to have a lawyer who knows a lot about criminal law, and one who stands a chance against a jury. A lawyer who does not have the knowledge or experience of defending persons with criminal charges does not have a clue about important things like the rules of evidence. He/she will have an extremely hard time picking out weaknesses, as well as strengths in the case.

Watch out for lawyers who practice in different fields

Lawyers who are in personal injury today, divorce tomorrow and criminal defense the next lack the experience and commitment to see your case through. Only go with lawyers who are consistent in their field. This is to mean that you stand a better chance with a DUI lawyer in Winnipeg if you are facing DUI charges.

Avoid Lawyers who guarantee their results

If you are consulting with a criminal defense lawyer in Winnipeg  and they start making promises before evaluating the case, you should run for the hills. Know right away that you are dealing with an amateur in the field.

Criminal law is known for its complexities. Each case has its own unique circumstances. As such, no guarantees can be made. Any lawyer who makes a promise is not worth your time and trust.

Go for a lawyer who can explain your legal rights clearly

The lawyer you choose should clearly and simply explain the charges you face, what they mean and your rights. He/she should also proceed to explain what needs to be proven and just how the evidence can be used against you in court. In all this, the lawyer should be honest, direct and above all not make promises.


While it might be tempting to bargain and shop around for the cheapest lawyer around, it should not be your priority. With so much at stake, you should seek to get the best lawyer first. One who will ensure you are well represented and protected throughout the process.

That said, it does not mean that you should be scared to discuss fees with your lawyer. By all means, do so. But remember to ensure quality first.


The industry is full of lawyers. You just need to ensure you get the best for your needs.


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