Legal Services Offered in Kamloops

Helping Clients Outside the Courtroom - Collaborative Law

The process of navigating the legal system is often a stressful and overwhelming one. However, by hiring a highly-qualified lawyer, you can avoid unnecessary stress. If you need professional legal assistance, there are reputable law firms that can assist you. They have seasoned lawyers that boast of having many years of experience in their respective areas of practice. Their lawyers are also friendly and will work in close collaboration with you to bring about the best possible outcome.

Legal Services Offered in Kamloops
If you are facing a tough legal issue in Kamloops and need professional legal advice or courtroom representation, there are well-established law firms that can help. They have certified lawyers and mediators that are experienced in different approaches to legal issues. Whether you need a reliable collaborative law, or are looking for experts in divorce lawyer in Kamloops, the seasoned lawyers at these law firms can help. Their key areas of practice include:

1. Collaborative Law

If you would like to negotiate an out-of-court agreement for any family law issue, collaborative family law might just be the best option for you. This option offers a more dignified approach to resolving different family issues. In this practice, the lawyers and all the other parties that are involved usually sign a binding agreement where everyone promises to work collaboratively and respectfully in order to resolve any outstanding legal issues. The parties are therefore not supposed to take these matters to court or even threaten court action. If you are looking for an expert in collaborative law in Kamloops, these firms can help.

2. Divorce Law

If you would like to end your marriage permanently, then you need to file for divorce. However, before the divorce is granted, you will not be able to remarry and your spouse can still file the relevant court applications against your estate or property. By hiring the experienced lawyers from these firms, you are guaranteed of having a smooth and very cost-effective divorce process. Under Canadian law, divorce can only be granted if:

a) One of the spouses is constantly subjected to intolerable mental and physical cruelty
b) The couple has lived separately for at least a year
c) One spouse is involved in adultery


3. Wills and Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important part of preparing for the future. Ideally, a comprehensive estate plan will clearly set out all of your wishes in case you are incapacitated or even in the event of death. However, if you do not have such a plan, most or even all of your wishes could easily be ignored and hence your estate and family might incur considerable expenses. A typical estate plan may be comprised of the following legal documents:

a) A Representation Agreement
b) The Power of Attorney
c) Advance Directive for Healthcare and
d) A will

If you need a seasoned lawyer that can help you prepare and execute any of these documents, these firms can offer you the best.

These law firms have also specialized in mediation, litigation, criminal law, as well as guidance in the negotiation and preparation of marriage and separation agreements. Whether you need the services of a reliable divorce lawyer, or experts in collaborative law in Kamloops, these law firms can assist you.


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