Can I File A Lawsuit If My Truck Accident Injury Has Altered My Lifestyle?


If you have been in a truck accident, then times are already very stressful for you. The last thing you want to have to worry about is lawsuits and other administrative and legal happenings, but you also need to protect yourself. The fact of the matter is that in each accident, there is blame to place. In addition, accidents cause damage and disturbance to others’ lives and make it difficult to survive financially, at times. However, there is a solution that you can explore, with the help of an experienced attorney, to help you regain some of the funds that you have lost as the result of a truck accident.

More Than Just A Statistic

If you have been involved in a serious lifestyle altering accident, it’s easy to feel sometimes that you are just a statistic. This could be because the legal system is so difficult to work through alone and without the help of a professional. However, with the help of an experienced attorney, you can give new life to your truck accident case. In a recent truck accident trial, a Virginia native was awarded $513,000 by the jury after his attorneys proved that his injuries and medical treatment were direct results of his truck accident.

There are thousands of accidents just like yours every year, but without the help of an attorney, you might not ever be living up to your full potential or gain the ability to recoup any of your losses. A truck accident can heavily affect your life in many ways through injury and medical bills–and you know better than anyone else that the effects that are felt as the result of a truck accident are anything but a simple statistic. They are real effects that take deep roots in the lives of all those involved.

Who’s At Fault?

According to statistics and years of gathering data, most of the time it is the truck driver who is at fault for the accident. Most of the time, this is because of dangerous practices that are used by trucking companies to increase productivity and cut corners when it comes to compliance and safety in the trucking industry. This is an unfortunate fact, but it may soothe you to know that you might not have been responsible at all for your accident.

If it is found that the trucker was responsible for the accident and the accident occurred as a result of dangerous business practices, then it becomes appropriate for you to sue to recoup any of the losses that you experienced as a result of the accident such as medical bills, emotional distress, lost wages, and anything else that impeded your ability to earn while you were injured.

Now that you know a bit more about trucking accident lawsuits, you are ready to hire an experienced attorney to help walk you through the process of lawsuits and increases your chances of success. With the help of the right personal injury law firm, you can file a lawsuit to recoup any losses that occurred as a result of negligence either on the part of the trucking company or the trucker.


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