Common Types of Car Accidents that You May Get Into


Hundreds of vehicle accidents happen on the roadways every other day. You could get involved in a motor accident, whether the road parks you are on a highway or even in your small neighborhood. All accidents vary depending on the situation and impact. If you are in a car accident, you are likely to experience physical injuries or even emotional trauma. Different factors cause car accidents, and some accidents occur more frequently than others. Unfortunately, the reality is, you cannot wholly avoid car accidents no matter how careful you are. However, to ensure that you are shielded from other drivers’ negligence, you should hire a Richmond car accident lawyer. A reputable lawyer will ensure that you get compensated when you are a victim of neglect by another driver. Here is a list of some of the car accidents that occur frequently.

  1. A head-on-crash

Head-on-crashes happen when the front end of your car and another individual’s car collide, in opposite directions. These kinds of crashes are hazardous, and often, they result in fatalities. Because most head-on-collisions occur at relatively high speed, the safety features of your car become insufficient in protecting you from sustaining severe injuries. Sometimes, head-on-crashes may involve crashes against fixed obstacles like trees. In order to avoid such accidents, you should first ensure that you are sober while driving. Furthermore, you should always observe available traffic signs and stay in your lanes.

  1. Side-impact collision 

Side-impact, T-bone, or broadside collisions, are another type of car accidents that happen quite frequently. They take place when the side of your car or multiple cars are hit. These accidents commonly occur when you are at intersections, in a parking lot, or when you pass another vehicle on the road. Data released by the IIHS indicated that 27% of passengers who died in 2009 were victims of side-impact collisions. The results of these accidents are usually severe because the side of your car has less space to absorb the collision’s impact. To avoid these accidents, always ensure that there isn’t any oncoming traffic even if you are right according to the traffic rules. In case you sustain injuries because of a driver who failed to follow the traffic lights, a car accident lawyer will help you file a lawsuit against them.

  1. Rear-end collisions

This type of crash occurs whenever a car collides into the back of your vehicle. These accidents are probably the most common in the US, and most occur because of inattentive drivers. Another common cause of rear-end crashes is tailgating, where someone is driving too closely behind you. Mostly, these accidents happen when there is an unexpected slowdown in traffic. However, tailgating may be deliberate, and whenever you perceive imminent danger, attempt changing lanes and driving faster away from the tailgating vehicle. To avoid these accidents, though, ignore distractions while driving and keep a safe distance from the car in front.

Car accidents cause devastating effects. You are not only likely to suffer serious injuries, but you may lose your life or cause fatalities. Therefore, be vigilant to ensure that everyone gets to their destination safely.


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