The Benefits of Being Bilingual When You Have a Career as a Lawyer or Another High-Pressure Job


It does not matter what kind of Law you practice. Today’s industry is pretty cut throat with competition and it can be hard to feel like you are going to be able to stand out when it comes time for interviews. Feeling like you could be better than you are is a natural feeling, but you have to be able to present yourself in a way that shows all your skills and attributes. This advice does not just apply to jobs within the court system, but to any job that comes with a lot of pressure. Long hours at the office and not a lot of free time is leading people to seek jobs they truly enjoy. Enjoying your job is possible even with a high-pressure job if you can find the right way to release the stress. I have found that starting a new hobby creates some structure while still make it a fun and personal task. The most popular hobby to start or skill to learn is a new language. People often want to travel but they do not consider all the other benefits there are to being bilingual.

You Can Expand Your Market

If you have your own firm or pursue your own clients it is likely that you are wanting to expand your market. Picking up a language like Spanish might get you pretty far depending on where your business is located. When you can speak the native language it often forms more of a bond between seller and buyer so the buyer is more inclined to do just that, buy.

You Have a Better Understanding of Another Culture

Traveling around in my youth allowed me to so see so many places that most people age are still dreaming about visiting. When I would visit somewhere I would always try to learn a few simple words from their language. If you can figure out what they are saying, even if it is just the basics, you have a much better change of soaking up the culture in general. Start with a great program like Rosetta Stone and you will be speaking the language in no time.

You are more desirable to Hire

When applying to a job you are often looked at like a statistic. There are numbers on a paper and a few lines of words if you had a boss that really liked you. One of the statistics they are looking for is how many languages you speak. If you can speak more than one language you will most likely make it to the next round of interviews before a guy whole only speaks one language.

You Can Act as a Translator for Others

If you are bilingual you are unique in that you have a skill some people would love to have. Being able to translate stories and words from one language to the next is not something most people can do. There are so many jobs that you could quit your high-pressure job and become a translator in a much less stressful environment.


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