Top FAQs for an Immigration Lawyer

Canada Immigration

An immigration lawyer gets many questions based on someone’s case information, but we also get a range of questions revolving around possible changes to the immigration system. Although there are loads of references to immigration reform in the media, it can be tricky to sort through the speculation. Most clients wish to learn how potential changes will impact their individual circumstance.

An immigration lawyer cannot see the future, therefore it’s impossible for us to know just how or if reforms can change your situation information or situation. We can’t speculate on possible changes or impact. However, we can talk about your current choices and chart out a plan of action based on existing regulations and laws. Let us take a look at the most often asked questions we receive.

What are my immigration choices?

A top immigration lawyer Toronto can help you outline your options for coming to or staying in the Canada. We can look at which visas you’re qualified for and the wider consequences, like bringing household with you and just how long you can remain. Immigration is highly personalized, as each individual will be faced with unique options and different conditions. No decisions can be made based on what could happen, just in keeping with the current immigration law. We can’t speculate on possible future immigration choices.

What can I do today?

Many clients want to learn how they can take care of their current conditions. Your visa expiration date may be coming, or you might choose to bring a dependent to the Canada. An immigration lawyer can help you build a larger image of your condition of affairs, showing you exactly what measures you can take today and how they can affect you in the future. Sometimes you might want to come back to your home country before proceeding with a request. An immigration lawyer can advise you on your choices.

How long will it take?

Each situation is different, and sadly an immigration lawyer can’t guarantee a timeline. In terms of immigration reform and any effect it might have on the processing period, it seems to be anyone’s guess. Although politicians are still struggling to reach a decision, they seem to be united in the belief that reform is essential, so we expect to find results in the not too distant future.


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