Wrongs that may hinder UK Visa Application


After working hard to get a Spouse Visa and in the end you found out it was rejected, it can be very upsetting and frustrating. Sometimes, you may feel you’ve not been treated fairly, or the judgement wasn’t the right one. The actual truth is that a UK Spouse Visa rejection occurs regularly on a daily basis. Knowing some important facts from the home office will limit the chances of getting your application rejected.

Although, the home office cannot give you a 100% assurance or guarantee that your visa application will be accepted and processed, irrespective of the fact that they are considered as the final decision makers. Here’s what you can do; ensure that you’ve been able to build a strong application that holds up for as long as possible.

This article has been designed from numerous studies and research works to help you achieve this with a list of about five most common reasons why Home Offices reject visa applications. Read these reasons and be more informed on how to go about them and not get caught up;

Not supplying the right documents

It’s of utmost importance that you upload all the essential documents that are required to continue processing your application. Each visa has its own documentary evidence, so you have to ensure that your application has all the information you have, with nothing missing out. You can’t apply for a visa requesting for A, B and C when you have D, E and F documents.

Not presenting documents in the correct format

Your job isn’t done even if you have the right documents, but you have to ensure that they’re uploaded in a chronological and correct order. This includes filling the forms with the correct ink color. A lot of people always ignore this fact, because they always feel it’s too much of a petty reason to refuse a visa application, but you have to make sure your application is made simple and easy as possible as it would appear.

Missing important details and evidence

Although applying for a Spouse Visa might seem or look simple, and most times, the procedures and advice given by most Home Offices also make the application look easy. However, the instructions and steps given on the website are general, and not fully detailed. Even a missing official document, a date or misspelt word may lead to UK Spouse Visa rejection and UK immigration spouse visa Appeal may be needed.

Applying for the wrong visa type

This happens mostly when people who do not reside in the UK decide to migrate and get a home in the UK. However, they feel a ‘visit visa’ is what they’ll go for before switching to ‘settlement’ visa. It’s important to understand that an immigrant cannot ‘switch’ from a visit visa. In this case, such application may be rejected by the home office.

Getting advice from the wrong source

This is yet another huge mistake a lot of people make. The fact that you’re moving to the UK does not mean you believe every word said by anybody you come across or share your story with. Before taking any action, ensure that you’ve gotten proper information from the Home Office.


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