What you need to know to Pick a Good Estate Planning Lawyer in Sherwood Park

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Planning your estate and what happens to your estate and property when you die is important. Drawing up a will to clearly state what your heirs will get helps prevent disagreements and ensure your wishes are fulfilled, not to mention give you peace of mind knowing your loved ones will always be taken care of. As such, having a good lawyer for legal advice when you are drawing up a will is very important. The process of drawing up a will can be quite time-consuming and overwhelming when you don’t know what the legal process is or what the law requires of you. However, investing in a reputable and knowledgeable lawyer with the right expertise in estate planning can help ensure an accurate distribution of possessions according to your wishes and desires in a prompt manner.

A trust and wills lawyer can help you:

Make a plan of what happens to your estate and property when you die

Reduce estate taxes imposed on your loved ones

Manage ongoing trusts

Aid to probating estates

Plan for incapacity through living wills and power of attorneys

Avoid probate, which are beneficiary designations, living trusts, and transfer-on-death tools

State your true wishes so they are carried out the way you want them to be

Choose a guardian to care for your children

Make sure your will follows the laws of your province

Choosing from the many estate planning lawyers in Sherwood Park can be a tough choice. Nonetheless, the ideal candidate you settle for should be a good wills lawyer in Sherwood Park who is dependable, honest, well-organized, skilled and knowledgeable in estate planning, plus conscious in meeting deadlines.


How to Choose

  1. Make a list

If you have a family lawyer, start by asking them for recommendations on some good wills lawyers they know. Many times, lawyers give recommendations based on performance, service, and results. For further recommendations, ask friends and family or even strangers for referrals of some of the good lawyers in Sherwood Park they have used before.

  1. Check for specialist accreditations and memberships

Look out for lawyers who are board-certified specialists. In some places, attorneys may become certified specialists in certain fields of law. For a better shot at hiring an experienced lawyer in estate planning, look for an attorney who is certified by the board.

  1. Consider qualifications & experience

Visit certain bar-accredited associations to check for qualification and experience of the lawyers you have on your list. A good estate planning lawyer should have the relevant experience and qualifications in the field.

  1. Set up a meeting

Once you have a narrowed down your list of good estate planning lawyers, set up a meeting where you present your questions and find out more about the services the lawyers offer.

  1. Consider Costs

Get quotations from all the lawyers on your list and make a comparison of the services offered in comparison to the costs and then settle for the lawyers who suit your budget.


When trying to find the right wills lawyer from the many lawyers in Sherwood Park, remember a good lawyer will have good credentials, a good track record in estate planning and should be trustworthy. A good lawyer will also advise you, and steer you in the right direction throughout the process while offering great customer service at an affordable price.


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