Things to Do Immediately After an Accident and Why You Should Involve a Personal Injury Lawyer


An accident, whether minor or major can be quite devastating as they tend to happen so randomly and unexpectedly. One minute you are driving happily and undisturbed and out of nowhere you find yourself in one, causing your adrenaline to go overboard and making everything blur. An accident can occur in just a blink of an eye, and even though it is hard to predict or avoid one, it is essential that you be prepared to handle one in case it happens, whether you are the one at fault or not. Knowing what to do next is the thin line of you getting compensated for the personal injuries incurred or having to deal with the hefty bills that are as a result of the accident. To help ensure you’re always ready below are some of the things you should do immediately after a collision and also the importance of contacting a personal injury attorney.

Stop and Relax

Whether you are the one who caused the collision or not, the first thing to do after an accident, no matter how minor it might be, is stopping. Driving away afterward makes you subject to criminal prosecution especially if someone got hurt or died during the incident. Most people won’t tell you this, but we’ve included it because as mentioned earlier, an accident makes your adrenaline rush, leaves you in a shock and makes things blur. Moments after the collision can be quite overwhelming, and it is therefore vital that you stop, then put yourself in a calm state of mind. Do not throw the blame on the other road user because he/she is as dazed as you are and as such, try and relax so you can be able to assess how bad the situation is and decide on your next move.

Assess the Situation and Ensure the Safety of Every Other Road User

Once your mind is relaxed, ensure that everyone in your car is okay and also check on the other driver. If anyone happens to have sustained injuries, call 911 and do not try to move them as doing so might aggravate their injuries. Instead, ensure the safety of other road users by turning your hazard lights on or setting up flares to prevent more accidents.

File a Claim

Once things are calm, you can file a claim immediately and also be sure to notify your insurance agent as soon as possible. Additionally, if the injuries you got from the accident are serious, it is essential that you contact a personal injury lawyer avondale az, to handle the process for you. This gives you room to heal without stressing on the legalities of your claim and additionally, ensures you do not end up with hefty medical bills. Besides, having an attorney specializing in such cases increases your chances of getting a fair settlement as they boast the experience and training to help strengthen your case. You also have nothing to lose as they operate on a contingent basis. Be sure to give them all the details and also send them photos that you took at the scene as this will also help you get a better settlement.

Call the Police, Take Photos, and Exchange Information

Even if there were no serious injuries, it is essential that you inform the police. Doing so will prove to be beneficial because a police report will help increase your chances of getting the insurance company to approve your claim as it acts as evidence. For more proof, ensure you take pictures of the cars and the scene. Also, if you have injuries, take pictures too. Again, these will help strengthen your claim and will also help your attorney gain more proof in case your claim is denied. In case the police do not make it to the scene on time, ensure you exchange information by taking their names, addresses, telephone number, vehicle registration and also insurance information of the other party.


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