Law Firm Marketing: How to Beat the Competition


Setting yourself apart from the competition is important in any industry, and especially for lawyers. Chances are, you’re not the only law firm in your area, which means you’re in direct competition with other lawyers when it comes to taking cases from the public. While some niches may have less competition than others, that doesn’t mean that you have to work any less hard to market your firm. Here are a few tips to consider implementing if you want to take your firm to the next level.

Authenticity is key when you want to market yourself as a lawyer. This sort of honest approach can make a big difference when it comes down to set you apart from the competition. For example, a lot of personal injury lawyer marketing focuses on catchy slogans and bad commercials. These kinds of efforts don’t do much to establish a particular attorney as an expert in their field, which is something a client looks for in a lawyer. Leveraging your successes and speaking to potential customers from a place of authority can go a long way in helping you attract more clients.

The Internet is a powerful tool for any lawyer. This is even truer at a time when more people are performing local searches than ever when looking for a business or service in their area. Staying in the top few search results and having a professional website thus go a long way in representing your law firm and practice the way you want to. If you haven’t redesigned your website recently, now’s the time to do so.

It may be worth employing a marketing agency with experience in the legal field if you’re really interested in setting yourself apart. A marketing firm has a much deeper amount of resources that an in house team, meaning that they can analyze and implement data in ways you’d never dreamed of. This kind of targeted, data-driven approach can really help you boost your law firm’s ROI. Not only does this translate to a bigger caseload, but you’ll also have more time to focus on each client since you won’t also be wrangling with marketing campaigns. When your agency gives you a progress report, you can still leverage that info in your future decisions without ever having to collect and analyze it yourself.

Part of creating a good database of successful cases is moving forward with the right clients. If you’re unsure about a potential client after your initial consultation, it never hurts to perform a quick search on for the person. This kind of public records database can help fill in the blanks if you think that someone hasn’t been fully truthful with you in discussing their case.

From sharing information about the person’s aliases to offering criminal records age mugshots, you can glean a lot of information about a client based on what they do and don’t tell you about themselves. By screening potential red flags out of your case pool, you can increase the likelihood that you have more positive stories to leverage in your other marketing materials.

As you can see, there are a wide range of tactics you can implement if you’re looking to improve your law firm’s marketing. While not all of the above ideas will be right for you and your firm, they should give you an idea of the range of things you can control when you want to boost your reputation. Think about how you can use the ideas on this list to outperform what other lawyers in the area are doing and you’ll be well on your way to increase your client base and your profits.


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