A Bair Hugger Attorney Can Help You File a Personal Injury Lawsui

Asian woman patient with bandage compression knee brace support injury on the bed in nursing hospital.healthcare and medical support.

A Bair Hugger lawsuit may be filed if you or a loved one were injured by this blanket. The blanket is a forced air warming device used to prevent hypothermia during surgery. These blankets can cause complications such as infection, peri-prosthetic joint problems, MRSA, and sepsis. Because of its forced air warming system, the medical device can spread hospital-acquired infections.

Dealing With Product Defects

A Bair Hugger lawsuit requires the plaintiff to prove that the product caused their injury. This means that the blanket must be defective and have caused the injuries. In addition to product defects, the attorney must prove that the plaintiff was harmed by the Bair Hugger. In addition, the defendant may try to argue that the plaintiff was negligent or had assumed the risk of using the product. In some cases, the physician might have misused the device, which would constitute medical malpractice.

Post-Operative Infection

Another potential reason to file a Bair Hugger lawsuit is post-operative infection. Some patients claim that the artificial joint they had implanted became infected, and they had to undergo 15 surgeries to remove the artificial joint. In a Bair Hugger lawsuit, the doctor can be held liable for the infection. Whether 3M should be held responsible for the defective device, or not, a personal injury lawsuit may be in your best interest.

Dealing With The Manufacturer

In a personal injury lawsuit, victims can force 3M to accept responsibility for the product. The lawsuit can help victims get the compensation they deserve. Jed Dietrich, a former 3M engineer, even founded a law firm to provide clients with the highest level of service and personal injury representation. He has personally experienced the debilitating effects of a defective medical device. For more information, get in touch with a Norris Injury Lawyers Bair hugger attorney.

If you or a loved one suffered a deep joint infection after implanting a Bair Hugger, you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit against the manufacturer. A successful Bair Hugger lawsuit can force 3M to accept responsibility for the faulty product and ensure that justice is served. Bair Hugger attorneys can help victims of these infections seek the maximum compensation possible for their injuries. It’s also a good idea to consult with a lawyer if you have any questions regarding the Bair-Hugger product.

Final Thoughts

If you have experienced a Bair-Hugger infection, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit. A Bair hugger attorney can help you make a claim on behalf of yourself or a loved one. A lawsuit will help you get the compensation you deserve. If you have suffered an infection due to a defective Bair-Hugger, contact an experienced lawyer today. You can receive a free case evaluation from a qualified law firm.