4 Things to Do Before You File For A Personal Injury Claim


When you’re going about your daily business, whether that’s at the library, shopping at the mall or simply walking across the hall in your apartment building, you should be able to do so knowing that whoever is in charge of the building has ensured the area is safe and has put your safety as a priority.

Sadly, this isn’t always the case. When someone is negligent and that negligence results in you tripping, falling and injuring yourself, the whole world seems to stop. You might not be able to work; you might need extensive surgery, or a long recovery process might now begin. Whatever the outcome of your fall, one this is certain: the negligence of the other party means that you could be entitled to compensation. There’s a lot to think about, from legal representation – check out this slip and fall lawyer in Nassau for more information – to how quickly you’re going to recover from this ordeal, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Luckily, there are steps you can take before you decide to file, which will probably help you case should you choose to go ahead.

Read on to find out what they are.

Get medical treatment

Your health is a priority. When you – or a loved one – sustains an injury it’s imperative that they’re seen by a medical team as soon as possible. Not only does this preserve their health, but it also means you can recover quicker. Even just a painful wrist could do with being looked at, as the pain could worsen over time. Seeking medical treatment, will also provide you and your legal team with a medical report and treatment plan which could help a jury come to a decision or even help the case be settled out of court.

Limit your communication

When you slip, fall and injure yourself you’re going to be angry and upset. But you need to keep your cool. Once the incident has been reported, it’s likely that whoever is in charge may try to complete damage control and pass the blame onto you. Or even perhaps play down your report. Frustrating as this will be, limit your communication and don’t say anything that could mean you were at fault. Be polite and speak only with your attorney.

Make sure everything is reported properly

Don’t complain on social media, don’t tell all your friends and neighbours about it. The first person who should know about your slip and fall is the building manager. Reporting your incident is crucial, not only for your case, but also for potentially preventing it from happening to anyone else. You can also request a copy of this incident report for your reference and files.

Find an attorney

If you choose to pursue compensation, then you’re going to need a strong legal case. Finding the right attorney will certainly help you get the result you deserve. So, remember to do plenty of research before you choose an attorney. Check out their success rate, their negotiation skills, their recommendations and their legal reputation.


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