3 Tips for Reducing Your Risk of a Car Accident


Many people go about their day without thinking much of the dangers they face when they leave home. Something as routine as driving a car can become a hazard to your safety. Though you probably take great care of your vehicle and you know the rules of the road, doing something for so long can become too routine.  Accidents can lead to serious injuries and claims that need the involvement of a Denver car accident lawyer. To reduce your chances of getting into an accident, here are some steps to take.

Maintain the Right Attitude

You may have no problems with confidence while on the road, and you may even have a healthy respect for the size and weight of the vehicle you own. It is your attitude and actions toward other drivers or roadway inconveniences that can cloud your judgment. Driving with your emotions high can increase your risk of an accident. Road rage incidents are just one example, but driving while teary-eyed or mentally-exhausted are others.

Always Follow the Rules of the Road

You aren’t the only one that pushes the speed limit a little past the posted signs, but that doesn’t make it any safer for you or anyone else. Rolling through stop signs or making a quick U-turn in the road while taking your license test wouldn’t have earned you bonus points. In addition to the fines that you could face from local law enforcement, you also need to consider how your actions could create safety concerns. Never drink and drive, no matter how sober or in control you feel. Even where recreational marijuana has been legalized, never get behind the wheel when you have recently taken or done drugs.

Drop the Bad Habits

Once you have been driving for a while, it is easy to let loose on some of the things that reflected good driving habits. Keeping the hand on the wheel at ten and two is still important, even though it looks a lot cooler to let it drape over the open window on your leisurely cruise. Avoid eating, reading, putting on makeup, or other distracting habits while driving. Cell phone use has been a safety concern for years, and many states are passing laws that require hands-free use only.

It is estimated that at least six million car crashes occur each year within the United States. That breaks down to about 16,438 a day. Don’t let yourself be one of these statistics. Follow these safe driving rules.



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