Bail provides one with an opportunity to get out of a prison facility and prepare for the upcoming trial. It is, however, not a free pass to get away with committing a crime without consequences. Bail does not prove one’s innocence, as there will still be several restrictions while he is out on bail. He must show up to set a court date for his trial and cooperate with the court proceedings. But what if someone decides to leave it all and make a run for it? What will happen if someone decides not to show up at his own trial? Continue reading this article to find out what exactly happens if a defendant decides to skip bail.

An Arrest is Inevitable: No one can escape the clutches of law. The moment the police authorities find out one is violating the rules, he is arrested promptly. If he decides to escape, more charges will be laid against him. The police might even take brutal actions in hunting him down. In addition to the legal authority, the bail agents will also be on the lookout for him as he owes lots of money to the bail agency. Here’s how the bail system work:

  • A defendant, unable to post the bail, may contact a bail bonds service. The bondsman will pay the whole sum in taking only 10 percent as a fee for the service. For instance, a defendant in California may contact the Santa Barbara bail bonds service for a quick bail. If the bail is set for $350,000, the defendant will only have to pay $35,000 to the bondsman, and the bail company will pay the rest on his behalf.
  • The arrestee must therefore adhere to the rules and restrictions laid down by the bail firm. He must agree to appear at the court on the previously decided date for trial, or there will be severe consequences.

Family and Friends Suffer: The arrestee might want to find an easy escape and leave the city, but anyone who co-signed his bail lease, will have to pay a heavy fine for his disappearance. Paying off a large sum of bail money is not an easy thing. Therefore, one can easily be under debt for trying to help their near ones. His family and friends will most probably be under government scrutiny because the defendant might try to contact them sooner or later. When one jumps bail, it creates an unnecessary financial and mental strain on the family members.

A False Sense of Hope: Deciding to leave the town in hope of starting a new life will prove to be fruitless. Even if one manages to escape the clutches of the police temporarily, the law will always be on the lookout for him. He won’t be able to show his documents to anyone, as the government will try to track him down. He can’t rent a place without providing identity proof, so starting a new life will be very difficult. Furthermore, he will always be in a state of fear.

If you practically think for some time, you will realize that there is no advantage in skipping bail. One unable to attend the court on a set date must communicate his problems with the bail agent because setting up a different date is not hard to arrange.


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