Sure-fire Tips to Avoid Drink Driving


A good number of people die every year in accidents that are alcohol-related. You must not be aware of the fact that driving, and drinking is a deadly combination. Irrespective of your driving experience, age or perceived alcohol tolerance, taking the decision of getting behind the wheel consuming a few drinks indeed is irreparably ignorant.

Take a look at some of the sure-fire tips that will help you to avoid drink driving,

·       First and foremost, look for someone trustworthy to whom you can hand over your car keys and ensure that he is not drinking. Also ensure that the person does not return you the keys till he/she is confident enough that you are capable of driving.

·       Do not consume alcohol on an empty stomach. Science has proved that the body absorbs alcohol slowly when the stomach is full. When you are dehydrated or hungry, the booze will enter your bloodstream right away and as a result hit you harder.

·       Often people metabolize of taking a drink an hour. Generally heavier men and people metabolize more compared to thinner people. Diet, tolerance as well as other factors make it challenging in pinpointing accurately the amount not to drink. It is best to consume 1 alcoholic drink every hour followed by drinking a complete pint of water. Rather than relying on charts you should begin knowing your body. This way you will know your limit. Avoid drinking games no matter what unless you do not drive.

·       Taking a bus home will be more affordable than hiring a cab and safer than you are driving the car under a drunken condition.

·       If you are drunk at a friend’s place, then it will be wise for you to spend the night on their couch or go home with a responsible person and sleep on the floor. In case you are blackout drunk, avoid sleeping right away as you are likely to choke on your vomit.

·       It is time and not coffee which is the sole means to sober up. The blood alcohol level in your body will roughly go down the equivalent of a drink an hour. Hence the need of the hour is to wait for some time.

·       Stop drinking at least 90 minutes prior to planning to leave. The alcohol will remain in your system even hours post you stop drinking.

·       Avoid drinking at night and follow a plan of no-drinking. Why not have a mocktail made with sparkling water and pomegranate juice or drink O’Doul’s. This way you can reach home alive.

·       If you have sufficient money, then it is always better to call a cab. You can have a sound sleep in your bed devoid of any danger to get a DUI. Of course, you will have to pick your car the next morning.

·       Picking a designated driver is key. To have a friend in driving you home will be the right choice. This way you can enjoy more drinks yet remain safe. But ensure that your friend is not drunk. Avoid driving with a person who is intoxicated.

Follow these tips sincerely and stay safe. Received a Drug  Driving Charge?  For Free Initial Consultation,  contact Mendelsons solicitors. Drink driving solicitors  In Manchester



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