Procedures for an Islamic Divorce Case


Divorce is always a common topic, even in Singapore. I’d like to share some findings I had regarding divorce, specifically within the Islamic committee because there are many articles explaining civil divorces. Muslim divorce in Singapore has different procedures as well as considerations when compared to divorce in other religions or the civil marriage. Under the section 35 of the legislative act of Muslim law, the Syariah Court of Singapore has the authority to determine and hear cases that are concerned with the marriage, divorce as well as the other related matters. The firm union of husband and wife is the base of any healthy relationship and Islam too prescribes that the breaching of marriage should be avoided. Under the Muslim law, the divorce may either take place under the act of both of the parties or witnessed by a lawyer.

If you are looking for a Muslim divorce lawyer, then you must know the traits of a suitable one who will help you to get through the complications you are having with your partner. Here, we will provide you a comprehensive guidance on finding the best Muslim divorce lawyer for your current circumstances.

  1. Do I need a Muslim divorce lawyer to handle my divorce?
    You definitely do! Otherwise you would not have searched for this article on the first place. Well, the divorce procedures in Singapore are incredibly complex and having an experienced Muslim divorce lawyer can guide you to get through the divorce process step by step. As you are looking down the list of divorce lawyers in Singapore, then you must know that a good divorce lawyer will help you to reduce the frustration as well as the anxiety significantly by handling the divorce paperwork along while offering strategic advice for you to quickly move on from the divorce. If you are filing a divorce case without a lawyer in Singapore, then chances are you may make costly mistakes with painful consequences.
  1. Why do I need a divorce lawyer?
    If the divorce is compared to the civil lawsuit, then the first one has no winner or loser. The breakdown of the marriage between Muslim couples is very painful for both of the partners, but the best outcome is to resolve the matter and move on as fast as possible. A good Muslim divorce lawyer, should first and foremost, be sensitive as well as empathetic towards their clients. Each and every decision they are taking is in the best interest of the customer.
  1. Who is the best divorce lawyer in Singapore?
    Well, no lawyers nor law firms will proclaim such claims since it is against the code. But if you are looking for a good Muslim divorce lawyer in Singapore urgently, a good place to start is on SLIC because they share profiles of the local lawyers and Muslim divorce is one of the sub categories on their main site. You must know that there are two key features of a good lawyer, one who is experienced, and yet, will not leave a hole in your pocket. If you have enough budget though, then you can even find the best Muslim lawyers in Singapore, but do note that not all of them are equally experienced. Always focus on the experience level of the lawyer than the price. If your lawyer is comfortable with you and able to give you enough time, then you should hire him for your current condition.


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