Greater Options for the Proper Visa Now in Antigua and Barbuda


The beautiful islands of Antigua & Barbuda offer casual elegance, turquoise waters, luxury yachts and opulent villas. The temperate tropical climate attracts the international population. The friendly locals number 85,000 make this country an ideal place to integrate.

Antigua and Barbuda is easily accessible from Europe and North America. The trip is quite simple from all parts of the world. VC Bird International Airport receives daily and / or scheduled direct flights from London, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte, Toronto, Montreal, Frankfurt and other international cities.

Benefits of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship

Dual nationality for life

The advantages of citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda happen to bevarious; you will be able to reside in one of the favorite destinations of international elites. The tax advantages and the simplicity of the trip are attractive. The Antigua & Barbuda government allows citizens to have dual nationality, and the acquisition of citizenship is not declared to other countries.

Traveling without a visa

You and your family can obtain citizenship in one of the British Commonwealth nations: Antigua and Barbuda. This passport gives you the opportunity to travel without a visa to approx. 130+ countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, the EU Schengen zone and most other British Commonwealth countries.

Resale option

After five years, you will be entitled to the resale of your property to Antigua to new applicants for citizenship.

Personal security

Your property and your citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda is a real security for you and your family.

Tax Exemption

There is no tax on capital gains and estates on Antigua and Barbuda; income generated outside the country is not taxed either. You can opt for the in the best way now.

Apart from the dual nationals, it is unlikely that you have thought of obtaining a second passport. Yet this step fits perfectly into the internationalization of your life. Governments are imposing more and more restrictions and controls. Having a second passport can help protect your physical and economic freedom.

Take the extreme case of Americans. The government still practices the system of taxation by citizenship where it is almost impossible for an American to make certain investments or simply to open a bank account abroad.

So how to get a second passport?

First, do not be naive. Many scams are present on the Internet. The best known is probably the diplomatic passports on sale from a dozen or so hundreds of thousands of dollars, usually from a country on the African continent. Although corruption is commonplace on this continent, do you honestly think that you are going to get a diplomatic passport for tens of thousands of dollars? That would be known. Unless you have (very) good relations placed at the highest level of the state concerned, do not even think about it. This will save you from wasting money unnecessarily. We also forget the gray or black market for fake passports or stolen passports for obvious reasons.


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