A Take On How AI Is Driving The Legal Industry


Artificial Intelligence is a lot trendier than it was a few years before. The technology has almost penetrated inside every trending industry and is now moving towards legal industry if technology trends are to be believed. A technology that was thought too far to be scaled under the realm of possibility is now making the news. Artificial intelligence is not only making the news but also transforming the workplace as well as the work culture. As the technology is evolving, AI will soon become a household name to help us conclude the work at our home.


AI in a number of technologies has already been discussed a thousand times. This post is going to bring the limelight on AI’s contribution in the legal industry. The very first use of AI was brought for the users through chatbots. The algorithm in these devices helped e-commerce industries fulfill the demand of their customers much easier and this is how AI come with a bang in the industry.


Now let’s talk about artificial intelligence’s contribution in the legal industry.


Artificial Intelligence for legal documentation


Several corporate legal departments have started making their documentation procedure much easier by utilizing the AI. These firms are utilizing AI for review and standardization of documents and about the potential risks that may occur while undergoing the procedure. However, AI impact on the legal market is still in the budding phase and there is a complete arena for the technology to cover but that is going to take some time. Using Artificial Intelligence in the legal industry will make the proceedings efficient enough for those who are either providing or receiving the services.


Data analysis with AI


AI gives all that is important to mine the data. The prominent tools and the techniques are all there within Artificial Intelligence that help cover even a huge chunk of data in order to get significant information about the same. The legal data keeps on building with every single concern that gets registered on the legal matters. Mining this huge data from human assistance only is not as much efficient as taking assistance from AI for the similar concern. Thus, integration of Artificial Intelligence in the legal industry thus can offer exceptional results.


Legal chatbots are possible with Artificial Intelligence


DoNotPlay is regarded as the world’s very first lawyer robot that offers legal assistance to the users. When the chatbot was announced earlier in 2016, the legal community has barely heard of such a bot. However, the robot has been mentioned by some of the leaders that are working in the similar domain. The bot made the news when it helped appeal over 160,000 parking tickets across London and New York City. With this bot in the news, the fact that bots can help assist in legal procedure has become prominent for those who offer such assistance to the clients.


The Bottom Line


AI is known to improve efficiency and accuracy in different procedures altogether. And, its use in the legal industry can help service providers go great lengths when serving the clients. The world of AI is so much vast that it can easily accommodate fulfilling clients’ wishes in regards to legal terms.



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