3 Reasons To Hire a Traffic Lawyer


Traffic tickets are stressful and lead to worse consequences when left unpaid. If you received a traffic ticket, your first instinct might be to immediately pay the fine. Your pocketbook and driving record can take a big hit when you pay a ticket without legal help though. Hiring a lawyer specialized in traffic cases can save you money, time and a major headache. Here are three reasons to lawyer Hayward CA or anywhere you receive a traffic violation.

1. You Can Reduce Your Charges

Paying your traffic citation without disputing the charges means you’re pleading guilty. This admission results as a recorded conviction on your driving record. If you hire a lawyer to fight for you, the lawyer can negotiate better terms on your behalf. For example, your lawyer can get the judge to enter you into a 30 to 90-day probationary period. Your previous citation gets dismissed if you avoid further tickets during this time frame. Be mindful if you receive another ticket then you’re held responsible for paying the fine. Worse, the incident gets recorded as a conviction on your record.

2. A Lawyer Might be the More Affordable Option

Legal representation can actually save you money in the long run. Tickets are far costlier beyond their face value. Insurance rates skyrocket at renewal time if you have a recorded conviction. Your lawyer can get your fines reduced and the charges dismissed. Unaffected insurance rates are the main reward in this case. The price spent on a traffic ticket far exceeds the fine, so think long-term. Hiring a lawyer might seem like an expensive decision, but this choice can actually be a better financial option.

3. A Lawyer Can Take Your Place in Court

Representing yourself in court is a time-consuming process. Hire a lawyer to take your place and avoid letting court days siphon away your valuable time.  Unless you’re a traffic attorney, your lawyer will do a better job at handling the case than you. He or she has a much higher likelihood of getting winning results because they know the ins and outs of the legal system. Enjoy the relief brought on by an experienced professional handling your case.

A traffic violation is frustrating, but legal aid offers benefits and conveniences. Hire a lawyer first before you pay for a traffic violation. Your money, time and peace of mind will thank you.



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