Understanding Slip and Fall Cases in Florida


Wet or Uneven Surfaces

These are the most likely areas to cause slips and falls, including uneven sidewalks and wet floorboards. This list will help you to solidify your case.

  • Stockpiled floors
  • Staircases that are poorly made
  • Potholes (sidewalks, roads, parking lots)
  • Carpet floors that are worn out
  • Lose floorboards
  • Surfaces freshly mopped without warning signs
  • No warning signs for freshly-waxed floors
  • Condensed or moist floors

Inadequate Staff Training

Poor staff training is a common cause of slip-and-fall accidents in highly dangerous areas like construction sites. Managers and employees must undergo rigorous training to prevent slips and falls on the job.

Weather Conditions

Establishment owners are legally responsible for the property they own. These are the responsibilities of establishment owners:

  • Shoveling and plowing streets
  • Salting walkways during winter
  • During the rainy season, continue to mop wet floors
  • Provide mops and mats for water control

Unkempt Electric Wires and Other Stray Cables

Public places are important to maintain cleanliness. However, some areas do not keep their items under control. Slip and fall accidents can also be caused by cords and electrical wires all around the globe. Slipping and falling can be caused by untidy wires that hook around your ankle or shoes.

Handrails That Are Not Maintained or Damaged

Public spaces should be designed to allow maximum accessibility and ease. Handrails are available alongside staircases and pavements to make public spaces more accessible and convenient.

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