Top Reasons to Seek Out a Lawyer


If you find yourself facing criminal litigation, family law, or an estate issue in the province of Ontario, you probably need a lawyer who has experience in such matters. Morgan Lipchitz lawyer with the Donnell Law Group, is a prime example of a lawyer who can help you solve your problems quickly, efficiently, and with as little stress as possible. The ideal lawyer for these cases is straightforward, honest, and compassionate, and these are all features that Morgan Lipchitz and other lawyers at the Donnell Law Group possess in spades.

Criminal Defense

If you find yourself accused of a crime, whether it is a minor infraction or a serious violation that might end in jail time for you, it’s important to consider defense lawyers who can provide you with a professional level of defense. Criminal defense is a broad phrase that covers virtually any crime that you may get arrested for. The most common types of criminal defense cases in Canada usually involved drinking and driving, although more extreme crimes such as theft and assault are also common. These cases require you to give a detailed description of the situation to the lawyer you choose to work with so that professional can help plan your defense appropriately.

Family Law

Because family legal matters can often throw multiple lives into a state of chaos, you need to find somebody who can treat your situation with confidentiality and compassion. Failure to have a proper level of preparation for a family trial leaves you open for undeserved loss, be it in terms of an unfavorable divorce or the loss of custody of your children. A lawyer who possesses a firm grasp of family law can provide consultation that lets you plan your next legal move. If your case cannot be resolved without a trial, your lawyer will provide representation in court. This may result in some sensitive personal or family issues getting aired in public, which is why you need somebody who can keep certain matters confidential while being ready to present the facts in a helpful legal manner.

Contacting the Donnell Law Group

As a professional, Morgan Lipchitz, lawyer possesses a great deal of experience in the courtroom. He also has a number of positive reviews left by people who have had the benefit of his representation in court. This includes people who needed guidance to get through the tricky process of settling a loved one’s estate, those who had to seek recompense from an unfair insurance charge, and individuals who have faced criminal charges. While every case presents its own unique challenge, Morgan makes sure to keep the same sense of professionalism in the courtroom setting and compassion for his clients each and every time.

When you seek out representation from the Donnell Law Group, you will get compassionate, professional, and thorough legal service, whether you seek a consultation or legal representation. Morgan Lipchitz represents one of the group’s younger and passionate lawyers who are ready to help you in any way that is appropriate to your case.