Situations when you need a lawyer


You never know when you will be pulled over for recklessly driving, driving under intoxication, or for just missing a road sign. In as much as such charges are serious in Law, it should not surmount to infringement of your rights when facing the judge. That is why it is important to always consult with a lawyer if you find yourself in any legal situation. For instance, an experienced lawyer in traffic law can prevent Revoking a driver’s license in Illinois for a simple traffic offense like overspending or traffic misdemeanor.

There are two broader categories of Law that any legal situation would fall under. For instance, all the activities that don’t involve crime or breaking the Law will be litigated under Civil Law. Criminal Law will be applicable if a suspect breaks the Law or statues of a jurisdiction. A government or state attorney prosecutes offenses under criminal Law while the defendant is represented by either a publicly appointed attorney or a privately retained attorney. Criminal Law entails both petty offenses and felony offenses. Felony offenses are more serious crimes such as manslaughter, first-degree murder, and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Here are some other situations that will need a lawyer in court:

  • Wrongful termination

Wrongful termination is affected by both state and federal laws, something that a lawyer understands better than the victim. If a big company is involved, then you can be certain that they’ll have a solid legal representation to fight your claim, and so should you. You must hire a workers’ lawyer who has expertise in Labor and Employment Laws.

  • Personal injury claim

Personal injury claims are complicated, and you will need someone experienced to play hardball with the insurance firms. Furthermore, you also need someone who can reconstruct the accident scene as it was and prove negligence. Remember, you’ll only win compensation from personal injury claims if you can prove negligence, something that you can’t definitely prove on your own unless you are a personal injury attorney. A competent attorney will also see to it that you get deserving compensation because insurance firms are known to lure victims with lowball compensations.

  • Criminal charges

You can attempt to go for a civil case without legal representation. Still, you must never make that mistake in criminal charges, especially if you are a felon, or facing felony charges. The prosecution is known for its numerous plea agreement deals, and if you don’t have someone to guide you through, you might end up being incarcerated on unconstitutional grounds.

  • Bankruptcy

You cannot file for bankruptcy without a lawyer. When debt collectors are calling from all angles, and you are on the verge of losing your home, you must consider filing for bankruptcy. If you are also using loans to pay other debts and utility bills, then you definitely need to take a break from secured loans.

  • Divorce

Lastly, a divorce case will only attract the services of a lawyer if it is nasty, and spouses don’t agree to a common understanding of wealth division, alimony, or even child custody. Moreover, if there is a family debt involved, then an attorney must facilitate the divorce so that no one leaves disadvantaged. When lawyers are involved in a divorce, the case will also speed up as most lawyers will try to use Alternative Dispute Resolution before taking to litigation.


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