Legislation Ebook Evaluation: Land Legal guidelines Beneath Single Shadow


Ebook’s Title: Lectures on Land Legislation

Creator: Dr. Mohammad Towhidul Islam

Writer: Northern College Bangladesh (NUB)

First Printed: June 2013

Value proven: 500 Taka

Pages: 546There exists a typical notion in our nation that legal guidelines referring to land are complicated and it’s skilled job to grasp and apply the legislation. Certainly, it’s true that the tactic of land measurement system requires skilled data. Furthermore, items to measure land are fairly peculiar and never common throughout the nation. Quite the opposite, due to excessive development of inhabitants and shortage of land, land associated disputes are elevated day-to-day, which possessed about 80% of our whole civil litigation.Nevertheless, other than these eventualities, there’s additionally actual shortage of a single tutorial ebook, which comprises all facets of present land legal guidelines. As a result of the realm of our land legislation is gigantic and these topic issues are talk about individually in quite a few books. Once I began my provider at an college, I used to be assigned to conduct courses on land legal guidelines. I can bear in mind these days once I felt unaided due to my failure to find an helpful sole ebook on land legal guidelines. Consequently, I urged numerous books to my college students, which in the end fall them in a nugatory deep ocean, the place they simply discovered largely repealed, scattered, intricate and to some extent worthless legal guidelines. I wish to give due to Dr. M Towhidul Islam, who takes initiative to rescue the scholars from that bottomless marine by his new ebook titled “Lectures on Land Law”.

Our customary scholastic land legislation books usually include historical past; the State Acquisition & Tenancy Act, 1950; the Non-Agricultural & Tenancy Act, 1949; provisions of pre-emption; alluvion-diluvion, acquisition-requisition and another portion of land legislation individually whereas this ebook covers creation, switch and extermination of land rights in single cowl. This mentioned ebook introduces immutable sides of land legislation underneath a single shadow, which incorporates provisions referring to registration, easement, public demand restoration, belief, lease, mortgage, switch of immoveable property and different inalienable supplies regarding actual property; although exactly. Usually we studied these subjects individually whereas world college students comply with this sample to check actual property legislation everywhere in the earth.This distinct ebook additionally discusses on virtually all indissoluble components of land legislation i.e. land administration, settlement of Khas land, Khatiyan, mutation, land taxes and many others. Creator primarily formulates this ebook by his class lectures, which additionally displays within the identify of his ebook. Consequently, the ebook shall be extra accessible for the academics and college students to appreciate multifaceted problems with land legislation in straightforward and sophistication pleasant approach. Extra importantly, Dr. Islam launch them type shopping for matter smart books. Another excuse behind intricacy of land legislation is use of obscure phrases and foggy languages even in Bangla books whereas Towhidul Islam constructs each sentence intelligibly. Now college students will receive twin profit from this single ebook; one is solely tutorial data and relaxation on is sensible facets like dispute, which is extra vital for a to-be lawyer.Lectures on Land Legislation is inimitable as a result of it creates scopes for additional dialogue and I consider that the creator will be capable to come up query in readers’ thoughts and it’ll assist them to extend their curiosity to unveil the untouched nook of land administration as a substitute of reluctance and complexity to land issues. As well as, this Asso. Prof. of legislation additionally writes his ebook in such a lucid method the place his potential readers can discover a scope to suppose from practitioners’ perspective.First chapter of the talked about ebook offers with significance of learning land legal guidelines and introductory points. In subsequent chapters (2-Four) the author enumerates historic growth, possession and land administration in Bangladesh. Chapter 5 of this ebook handles with acquisition of Zamindary system and its impression. The following following chapters (6-9) elucidate tenancy rights, document of rights, switch, consolidation, amalgamation & sub-division of land. Then in chapter ten & eleven, Dr. Islam narrates about registration and process of mutation. Subsequently, he inscribes about pre-emption, sub-letting, alluvion-diluvion, easement and prescription in chapter 12-15 respectively. After that, in chapter 16-18 the ebook illustrates provisions concerning acquisition & requisition of land, deserted and vested properties. Later, Towhidul explains land taxes, certificates circumstances and administration & settlement of Khas lands in chapter 19-21. Finally, in chapter 22 this college member of DU articulates means of land reforms that may help the neighborhood to make sure financial and social justice by offering painless and equal entry to land and land administration in Bangladesh.

The ebook just isn’t complete one slightly a starting for additional considering. Nevertheless, the piece might be instrument for the scholars to deal with present land legal guidelines. I belief, it is going to additionally give you the chance sufficient to encourage them to discover untouched corners of land issues and land associated injustice of the nation. I hope creator will insert extra illustrations, maps, photos, charts, types & case legal guidelines in its upcoming model to make the ebook less difficult for the lay man additionally. The ebook is especially aimed for legislation college students; nonetheless, I count on it is going to even be a supportive materials for academicians, legal professionals, judges, researchers, NOGs and readers to decrease their inquisitiveness.


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