Is Your Employer in Compliance with COVID-19 Requirements?


COVID-19 came out of nowhere and hit everyone hard. Almost overnight, schools closed for extended spring breaks and then moved to online instruction. Companies whose employees didn’t need to be at work in-person were faced with how to enable an at-home workforce overnight. Companies whose employees had to show up in person to do their jobs were faced with extensive and rapid operating procedure changes. Workers with in-person requirements had children at home and no daycare options. It was basically chaos.

Controlling the Chaos

Many legal firms that handle employment law, such as Tully Rinckey, had to become overnight experts on an employee’s rights in this chaotic, ever-changing environment. To help control the chaos, the government had stepped in and passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which was one of the many matters firms like Tully Rinckey law had to master quickly to serve their clients. This act regulates paid sick time and paid family and medical leave associated with COVID-19.

Employee Treatment Complaints

Unfair treatment complaints started coming in from workers. Some employees faced terminations that were attributed to behavior yet they suspected were caused by revenues declining due to COVID-19-related shutdowns. Some employees were required to work but without personal protective equipment. Some employees were not given options for the paid sick or leave time they needed and were unsure if their company was required to provide it.

If you are someone who got caught up in this chaos, you may be rightly asking yourself if your employer is in compliance with the legislative requirements governing these matters. It is best to first research the related legislation. If you feel your employer may have not complied, it is best to seek legal consultation on the matter from a firm that specializes in employment law. Competent counsel can help you better understand your rights and take action if needed.