In With the New: 6 Innovative Law Firm Marketing Ideas for 2021

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Happy New Year, which is also happy with new marketing strategies! Times change and 2021 is no different. When thinking about goals for the new year, consider making a goal to refresh your marketing plan.

There are new and innovative law firm marketing strategies you can put into place. Here are six law firm marketing ideas for you!

  1. Give Your Social Media Accounts a Makeover

Social media is increasingly more important for marketing. Finding your clientele base can come from the amount of audience and reach in your social media posts.

Making regular posts shows you are active and reliable. Also, don’t forget to explore other channels like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and newer apps that have a wide variety of potential audiences too.

Besides, you want engaging law firm SEO that will interest potential clients too. Use specific keywords that help you stand out from the competition to have the best law firm digital marketing strategy out there.

  1. Do Some Subscriber Cleaning

If you have a newsletter you send out to clients or those subscribed to your website, chances are that you have many people who are not engaging with your content anymore.

If that is the case, you can remove those who haven’t opened your emails in a while from your subscriber list. This helps make room for new potential clients.

  1. Forgo the Fluff

Fluff is tempting because it eats up the word count. However, that is all it does. Instead, you will want to focus on writing relevant content for your audience.

A good way to avoid fluff is to personalize your content. Then it appears to be more one-on-one rather than addressing the masses.

If you have clients or partners who have supported you for a long time, then going personal is an absolute must. Otherwise, they may find the fluff insulting.

  1. Testimonials Help

Testimonials from past or current clientele (or partners) can help boost your reputation. Adding these to your website is a must.

You can also market these testimonials on your social media pages too.

  1. Videos Are a Go

Videos are a great way to reach out to clients or potential audiences, and digital apps make it easier to do so.

Running a short ad or video on YouTube is better for your audience. This is called a bumper ad. It keeps their attention and also oftentimes leaves them wanting more information.

Shorter educational videos, marketed on your social media pages, can also be useful for your following to learn more about your services.

  1. Make Your Law Firm’s Impact Known

In your content, focus on the stories of those who have found reliability and success from your law firm. Showcasing the impact your law firm has had on clients will help inspire others to reach out to you for the same.

Storytelling is important for law firm marketing. Leave the dry legal jargon for your actual work.

Law Firm Marketing for Your Firm

These six tips for law firm marketing can help you develop a proper law firm marketing plan. Good luck!

For more information on other law firm marketing techniques, check out the rest of our website!