How Do You Know When You Need a Personal Injury Attorney?


A personal injury attorney is a legal professional who offers legal assistance to those who claim they have been hurt, psychologically or physically, as a direct result of the carelessness of another individual, corporation, government agency or even any other entity.

Personal injury attorneys primarily practice within the realm of civil law called tort law. The primary function of personal injury attorneys is to help their clients claim compensation for injuries they might have sustained as a direct result of someone else’s action.

If you are suffering from an injury due to another’s negligence, it is always best that you seek out the advice of a personal injury attorney like John Richmond of Richmond Vona, LLC in Buffalo, NY. This kind of attorney handles personal injury cases and can assist you in pursuing legal action against the negligent individual or wrongdoer. This is because personal injury attorneys are familiar with how the legal system works and are better able to help their clients to obtain the best possible outcome for their case.

  • Your personal injury attorney will be able to assess the extent of your injury and determine whether or not there is likelihood you may be eligible for compensation. Your personal injury attorney will work with you to evaluate the case thoroughly, and determine what the appropriate legal action should be.
  • Once you have received the advice of a personal injury attorney, you will need to discuss what action you should take and where you should take it. Many personal injury attorneys offer their own private practice, but you might also consider working with a personal injury law firm.
  • Law firms are usually staffed by a full-time staff, but will be able to accommodate all aspects of a case if needed. Law firms are also often referred to as pro bono for hire legal firms, so you should ensure that you do business with a firm that has experience working in the field of personal injury law.
  • Your personal injury attorney will then discuss how to proceed with your case. Many personal injury attorneys will suggest that you seek the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney if you can afford it, and it is often a good idea to consider a referral from a personal injury attorney.
  • As you will probably be required to represent yourself at the onset of your case, hiring a competent lawyer will provide you with a more stable foundation for your defense to stand on.

If you are unable to retain an attorney through referrals, you may also want to consider using a legal referral service. These services charge a flat monthly fee to refer you to an attorney you feel comfortable with, so that you can concentrate on your case without being distracted by other legal matters that can distract you from the focus of your claim.


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