5 Strong Reasons to Hire Social Security Lawyers to Handle Your Case

Denied Social Security Disability application form

Are you struggling with a long term disability? Are you hoping to seek disability from the Social Security Administration? in 2019, the SSA paid an average of monthly benefits of $1,234 to disabled workers.

While this amount might not seem huge, it can help subsidize your living expenses while on disability. A good social security lawyer will tell you though that very often disability applications, especially on the first try, get denied. In fact, between 65 and 70% off all disability applications get denied.

If you want to apply for SSA disability, you want to be smart about it to increase your chances of getting approved. Hiring social security lawyers who know the process can make a difference.

Read on to learn more about the reasons it makes sense to hire an attorney to handle your disability case.

  1. Defining Your Disability Under SSA

One of the key factors in getting a disability approval is making sure your disability meets the criteria of the SSA disability listings. This helps to define your disability in the eyes of the Social Security Administration.

The Social Security Administration might look at your exertion limits to see if you have the ability, or not, to hold down a job. You might also have non-exertional limitations.

Experienced social security lawyers will know how the SSA defines these terms and how to best apply them to your individual situation.

  1. Applying for Disability

Once your attorney has a handle on your particular situation, they can help you navigate the process of applying for the social security disability benefits. Remember, a larger percentage of applicants are denied benefits.

You increase your chances of success by completing the application properly and with all of the documentation needed to prove your need.

An experienced attorney is going to know what medical documentation is needed to prove your case.

  1. Disability Hearing

Many applications get denied at the application step and must proceed to the disability hearing stage. This is where an attorney is a must.

Here you need the experience of a good lawyer to help you navigate the kinds of questions you will get asked and how to best answer them.

They formulate a plan to present your case at the hearing so your chances are better for approval.

  1. Appeals Process

If your initial attempts are denied, it may become necessary to file appeals. An experienced social security lawyer will understand how to navigate an appeal.

They will want to look closely at what has already been presented and what you might still need to prove your case successfully.

  1. Better Outcomes

The truth is that an attorney can’t guarantee success in your case. Yet, the process can be slow and cumbersome and you don’t want to make any mistakes along the way.

Hiring an attorney can help ensure better outcomes because they know how to navigate the system. They are also experienced in showing the need for disability payments.

If you attempt to go it alone and make a mistake, you only reduce your odds of getting approval and make it take even longer.

Use Social Security Lawyers to Work With SSA

If you think you have a disability that would qualify you for social security benefits, you want to make sure you prove your case successfully. Hiring social security lawyers who have experience and knowledge related to the process can help improve your chances of getting approved for disability payments.

If you need help with your case, we have the experience needed to help you through the SSA disability process.

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