4 Reasons To Hire an Employment Lawyer


A dispute with an employer that ends in a lawsuit is something most people hope they never face; however, should such a situation occur, it can be beneficial to hire an employment lawyer to help you with your case. Consider these four reasons to hire an employment lawyer when making your decision.

1. To Clarify the Law

If you believe your legal rights have been violated, there are a number of different laws at the state and federal levels that may apply to your case. The average person is not familiar with many of these laws. Pak Smith Employment Lawyers can explain to you which laws apply to your case and help you decide if you should pursue a lawsuit or attempt to settle a dispute out of court.

2. Assist With the Claims Process

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claims have specific rules and deadlines that must be followed for your claim to be valid. If you fail to follow these rules or miss any deadlines, your otherwise valid claim could be denied. An employment lawyer will be familiar with the claims process, know the deadlines and can properly prepare the necessary paperwork.

3. Communicate With Your Employer

Many employees may be fearful or intimidated by the idea of confronting their employer about a workplace violation. Once you hire an attorney, your employer is obligated to deal with the attorney, instead of you, removing you from direct confrontation. An experienced attorney is also more likely to be able to successfully negotiate with your employer than you are.

4. Achieve Better Results

Whether your case goes to court or is settled out of court, an attorney is likely to achieve a better result for you, than you will be able to accomplish on your own. Your employer, or their insurance company, will have a team of experienced lawyers on their side. Without your own attorney, you are likely to not have the knowledge of the applicable laws and negotiating experience to be on even footing with your employer’s lawyers and the chances of losing your case or receiving a lower settlement than you are entitled to are much higher.

Holding your employer accountable for their illegal actions or other injury they have caused you can be a confusing and intimidating process. An employment attorney can help you successfully navigate this process and achieve the full amount of damages you are owed.



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