What Should I Do If I’m in a Car Accident While I’m Pregnant?


Car accidents are scary for everyone, but they’re even scarier if you’re pregnant. You’ve taken extensive measures thus far to care for your body and your baby, and a car accident can derail your progress.

There are many concerns for a pregnant woman in a car crash, and those concerns vary depending on the severity of the crash and how far along you are. For example, a fender bender in your first trimester isn’t nearly as concerning as an accident in your third trimester. If you ever find yourself in an accident while you’re expecting, here are some things you should remember.

Get checked out on the scene

Even if it’s just a small fender bender, get checked out at the scene. According to standard protocol, an ambulance will be dispatched when the police are called to an accident. You can sign a waver saying that you refused treatment, and it might be tempting to do so if you feel fine. However, don’t give in to that temptation.

In the time shortly following an accident, your body is often running on adrenaline. This blood-pumping chemical can mask symptoms of a more serious injury for several hours longer than normal. You might not realize that you’re suffering from whiplash or contusions on your belly until you’re home. The later you handle these injuries, the more damaging they can be.

Let the paramedics give you a full check up. If they think you should go to the hospital to run further testing, don’t refuse the ambulance ride. It’s always better to be safe than to worry about the cost or hassle of medical care.

See your OB/GYN

After you’ve been checked by an emergency medical expert, give your OB/GYN doctor a call. They’re most familiar with your case, and they should be kept apprised of your health at all times. They’ll have special advice for your continued care.

If you were checked out in the emergency room or by paramedics, your OB/GYN should be able to access your report through a health information exchange. This service uses secure technology to provide healthcare providers, insurance companies, and public health organizations with access to real-time records and information about patients. This means that you’ll get a more thorough healthcare experience, despite being in a different healthcare facility while receiving your emergency care.

Call an attorney

As a pregnant mom, you probably take extra precautions while driving. If you were in a car accident, chances are it was caused by somebody else. If you were injured, their insurance should cover all medical bills and damages to your vehicle.

They should also cover any lost wages because you couldn’t work from your injury and offer compensation for pain and suffering. If the compensation you received was not adequate, call an auto accident lawyer in Mobile, AL or your city in order to discuss filing a claim. They can help fight for your rights to a speedy recovery that doesn’t break the bank while you’re getting ready for the baby.

Take care of your car

Once you’ve taken care of the medical and legal side of things, you’ll have to worry about your car. As mentioned previously, the at-fault party’s insurance should cover any repairs to your vehicle. They should also cover the cost of a rental while your car is being fixed.In some cases, the repair shop will deem your vehicle totaled. In that case, you’ll need to get a new car. It’s fun to visit a car dealership and test-drive new cars. It’s the perfect opportunity to get a new family car just in time for baby, all paid for by the insurance or your personal injury compensation. Sometimes, hardships can turn into blessings, and it’s good to look on the positive side of things during this time.


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