What Are the Four Stages Of Divorce?

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Recent studies have established that divorce can be so damaging that the stages of mourning can also be used to describe the divorce process. The following will discuss the four stages of divorce.

The First Stage is denial.

When a divorce lawyer in Galveston, TX first begins working on your case, you will likely be experiencing stages one and two of denial. As your divorce process progresses, your denial will likely become increasingly more persistent. You may refuse to acknowledge that divorce is even possible, and you may refuse to acknowledge the possibility of divorce until it happens.

Your denial can result in self-destructive behavior such as drinking alcohol and/or using drugs, and it may even result in early death. You may continue to live your life as though your divorce does not even exist, and that nothing has changed.

The Second Stage is anger.

This is usually the first stage of denial. You may start to feel anger over the breakup, or your divorce may come up in conversation. If you feel anger, this is a great time to begin to consider anger management. You may even begin to think that your relationship can no longer work and you will have to face the fact that divorce may be the only solution.

At this point, your anger becomes a reality, rather than a feeling. Anger management will help you learn how to control the anger that you feel and will make you more likely to act upon the feelings of anger rather than let them go uncontrolled.

The Third Stage is depression.

As your anger fades, likely, you will also experience a sense of sadness. This feeling of sadness can lead to a complete lack of enjoyment in life or feelings of helplessness. It may cause you to avoid social situations and activities, and the normal relationships that you once enjoyed. When this occurs, it is important to seek support from others. Family members and friends can help you get back into your routine and your daily routines, and relationships.

The Fourth Stage is acceptance.

Once you have reached the fourth stage, you should know that you are moving in the right direction. You have survived denial and anger and are no longer denying that you have a divorce. You may even be ready to move forward with the divorce process. It is time to accept that you are going to get through the four stages of divorce.

Divorce is a traumatic experience for everyone involved. However, if you are looking for information on what are the four stages of divorce, you will likely find that there is some good information out there for you. Hopefully, your family and friends can help you along the way to assist in moving through these stages and getting through your divorce.


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