Basics You Have To Know About DUI Law


In every single US state, it is considered a crime when you operate vehicles while you are impaired by drugs or alcohol, which does include prescription medications. Although evidence could show that your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) was higher than it should be, an experienced DUI attorney might get the case dismissed or might at least reduce the charges you are faced with. In addition, attorneys can easily negotiate lesser sentences. Learn more about what these attorneys can do here:

After being convicted of driving under the influence, a criminal sentence will be issued, like jail, fines, or community service. The driver’s license will also most likely be revoked or suspended, based on your offence being the first one or the severity of what happened.

Important Terms To Know

  • Implied Consent – In US states, motorists do consent to BAC tests and police stops when they receive their driver’s licenses. If you do not submit to the BAC test, your license is suspended.
  • BAC (Blood-Alcohol Concentration) – This means the alcohol concentration in your bloodstream. The reason why the test is done is to establish alcohol impairment level.
  • Drug Recognition Experts – These are officers who were trained to adequately determine a DUI suspect’s drug impairment.
  • DUI Checkpoints – These are roadblocks that are set up by the police, usually around alcohol-related events. Motorists are randomly checked for being impaired.

What you have to understand is that DUI law is not at all something you want to do guessing work with. The fines and sentences are quite serious and there is always the possibility you will be charged even if you are not guilty. This is not a charge you should take lightly, especially when it is a repeat offense. While with the first DUI conviction you will not have to pay a large fine and jail sentence is highly unlikely, this is not the case with subsequent ones.

When is A DUI Attorney Needed?

Impaired or drunk driving is something that the courts take very seriously. This is especially the case due to the fact that such an event can lead to death. As a result, DUI cases can have very high stakes. When you are convicted of a DUI charge, your license will be suspended or lost. Also, you will need to pay a fine and might even end up in jail, which is especially the case when the offense is repeated.

As a result of the serious nature of the charge, the truth is you should look for a good DUI lawyer as soon as possible after you are charged. The attorney might be able to dismiss your case or could at least reduce your sentence. Simply put, when you have an attorney in your corner, the repercussions of the DUI charge will surely be lower.

Obviously, legal representation is going to cost you. However, when you hire the skilled DUI attorney, you will end up with a much better outcome for your case. This is why these lawyers are so popular right now. Just make sure that you only hire one after you are 100% sure that you found the right person to represent you.


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