What to Expect From the Best Criminal Lawyers in Richmond Hill

criminal lawyer

When you or your loved one is facing fines, incarcerations, or a criminal conviction, having the help of a great criminal lawyer can undoubtedly work to your advantage.

Choosing a skilled criminal defense lawyer with expert knowledge on criminal cases, court experience, and litigation success are paramount in ensuring you get a great defense to win your case or receive the best personal outcome.

To choose a good criminal lawyer, consult your family lawyer for referrals and recommendations on a good criminal lawyer they know. Your family lawyer in Richmond Hill is in a better position of steering you in the right direction, not to mention saving you the trouble of surfing the internet looking for criminal lawyers you can vet to pop up.

In order to understand how a criminal lawyer can help you it is important to understand the type of crimes an individual may commit that require legal representation.

There are two categories of crimes: misdemeanors and felonies.

Crimes that are considered not very serious under the law are called misdemeanors. Misdemeanor crimes are punishable by less than one year in prison or a cash bail of some amount of money. These include:


First-time possession of banned drugs

Petty theft

Possession of marijuana

Simple Assault

Reckless driving


Public Intoxication


Felonies, on the other hand, are considered serious crimes under the law and are liable for a punishment of over one year in prison. Some examples of felonies include:






Grand larceny or grand theft

Aggravated assault

Various forms of fraud

Here are some important ways a criminal defense lawyer in Richmond Hill will help you

  1. Client Involvement

A good criminal lawyer in Richmond Hill will involve the client in all stages. A good lawyer will take it upon themselves to review the case before giving advice to the client on whether they should fight the case at a trial or accept a plea bargain. In regards to accepting a plea bargain, criminal defense lawyers should help the client negotiate a better deal that eliminates either all or some of the charges against an individual or reduces the sentence.

  1. Provide Objective Advice on the Criminal Case

A good criminal lawyer should have ample knowledge on criminal cases plus they should provide insight on the strengths and weaknesses of a case. Furthermore, a good lawyer should outline the possible plea options with the evidence gathered plus outline the possible risks of going to trial.

  1. Advocate for a Good Plea

In the event an individual is found guilty, it is the criminal defense lawyer’s job to find the best fighting action to get the best deal for the client and prevent them from finding themselves back in the criminal justice system.

  1. Availability to Answer Questions

A good criminal lawyer should be in a position to answer any questions the client may have regarding what will happen next, what strategies the lawyer is using and what plea is best in all honesty.

  1. Counsel and Give Options

Finally, a good criminal lawyer in Richmond Hill should counsel the client and lay all the viable options on the table to help the client make the best choice.


Criminal lawyers can help individuals that are facing a criminal case. However, this is only possible if an individual takes their time to choose the best criminal defense lawyer in their area.


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