What Are The Top Misconceptions About A Power Of Attorney?

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There is the presence of several misconceptions about a power of attorney document which is again discussed well in this section.

Top Misconceptions

By learning from these misconceptions, you can easily get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about a POA.

Misconception #1: You Can Sign A Power Of Attorney If You Are Legally Incompetent

It is not at all true that you can preferably sign a power of attorney in case you are legally incompetent. Someone can also sign a power of attorney legal document only in case they are legally competent for doing so.

Misconception #2: You Can Find A Power Of Attorney Document On The Internet

It is true that you can find the availability of a power of attorney document online. But, you should never get a power of attorney off the internet. This is the main reason, why, a power of attorney should be necessarily created to appropriately represent the specifics of your unique circumstances.

In case, you get a power of attorney document from the internet, then you could be paying for a document which:

  • Lacks important authorities
  • Is too ambiguous
  • Is not current
  • Does not represent the details which are considered to be appropriate to your situation
  • Does not cover the legal requirements if your state

Misconception #3: A Power Of Attorney Grants The Agent The Right To Do What They Please With Your Estate

The agent under a power of attorney possesses an overriding obligation which is called a fiduciary obligation. This helps to make such decisions that are in the best interests of the principal.


In this way, it is particularly evident from the above section that these are considered to be the top misconceptions regarding the power of attorney. Along with that, you can easily find the availability of free power of attorney form from various online websites like forms legal which provides free legal documents for all states of US.


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