Tips for Finding a Medical Malpractice Attorney


If you believe that you’re a victim of medical malpractice and want to seek reparations, the process of finding great representation can feel daunting, unmanageable, and extremely overwhelming. You want to make sure that you find an attorney who is going to fight for you to the best of their ability. Don’t let this first step deter you from getting the justice you deserve; it’s okay if you’re not quite sure where to begin. Here are a few tips to help you find the medical malpractice attorney who’s right for you and your situation.

Let the Bar set the bar

All lawyers who have passed rigorous education and the final exam are part of the American Bar Association. This organization is dedicated to holding governments, organizations, and individuals accountable under the law. If you contact them about representation, they will be able to make recommendations based on your needs and location. Under their guidance and with their vast amount of knowledge of all things related to the justice system, they should be able to thoroughly answer your preliminary questions and address your concerns.

Finding a specialist matters

When looking for someone to help you with your case, make sure you’re specifically researching medical malpractice lawyers. The attorneys working with a focus on this malpractice have dedicated their lives to winning cases for people in your exact situation. More generalized lawyers can’t compare with the years of experience that specialists bring to the table. If you find a specialist that seems promising, check out their personal websites. Top places, like Miller and Zois Law Firm, will have encouraging statistics about their success rates. The best attorneys will have earned tens of millions of dollars for their clients in reparations, showing that they really know their stuff.

Take advantage of a free consultation

You’ll never really know if a client/lawyer relationship is going to be a good fit unless you take the time to set up a consolation. Many firms even offer free consultations over the phone, all you have to do is fill out a form on their website and they will most likely contact you later the same day. Miller and Zois Law Firm even offers access to a phone line that’s monitored 24 hours a day in case you need immediate help.

Once you have an attorney on the phone, the American Bar Association recommends walking them through your entire situation so they can best assess whether they can accept your case. This includes information regarding the situation surrounding your injury, what your doctor did to treat it, and how your doctor explained your treatment plan. This will help your lawyer understand how to move forward with a potential lawsuit.

“Lawyer up” on a contingency fee basis

Everyone knows that lawyers can be really expensive. The financial cost can feel immense, not to mention the mental cost it takes to fight this battle. If this is a factor that’s holding you back from contacting someone about your medical malpractice claim, find a lawyer who will work off of a contingency-fee basis. This means that you will pay absolutely nothing unless your attorney wins your case. It creates a great incentive for them to help you as much as possible and gets you appropriately reimbursed for your injury or illness. Make sure to discuss payment in your consultation. If they want money upfront, you can always keep looking.

You have a legal right to an accepted standard of care. It doesn’t matter if it was a surgical error or a doctor’s negligence; there are people who will fight for your appropriate compensation. All you have to do is find the right one for you.


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