Three Reasons You’ll Be Glad Your Hired a DUI Attorney


It may appear on the surface that you have little chance of winning a DUI case because the officer has proof of your blood alcohol level, but your DUI attorney will tell you that there is more to these cases that a reading from a blood alcohol device. Your attorney will carefully analyze all the evidence in this case, and then go back and research the testing equipment as well as the conduct of the officer. Since all the burden is on the prosecution, your lawyer knows that they only need to create a few cracks in the case in order to get a favorable ruling. These are three reasons that you will be glad that you reached out to hire a dui st. charles attorney to represent you.

Poking Holes in the Prosecution Evidence

It might appear that the DUI case against you is solid, basically because the arresting officer has evidence of the field tests and your blood alcohol level to use against you. If you were to go to trial alone, you stand little chance of fighting that evidence. Your DUI attorney will draw on past experience to look closely at the arrest video to see if your rights were upheld, why the officer chose the field tests they did, and if the officer calibrated and operated the equipment correctly.

Analyzing All the DUI Evidence Closely

On the surface, it looks like you are in serious trouble because you failed field sobriety tests and your blood alcohol level was over the legal limit. While many defendants simply accept their fate and suffer years of punishment, those who reached out to a DUI lawyer have discovered they may often get their cases tossed when their DUI attorney finds evidence either the officer made mistakes with the testing or the equipment used has a history of providing false numbers.

Convincing a Judge of Your Innocence

There is little chance of you convincing a judge in a DUI case to rule against the arresting officer since they both work for the same county. The one chance you have is having legal representation that has courtroom experience and is able to convince the judge that the prosecution case doesn’t tell the whole story. Your DUI attorney will use their experience to find weak spots in the prosecution case, so they can cast doubt on the charge and hopefully get the charges either lessened or the entire case tossed.

These are only a few of the things that your DUI attorney is going to focus on, but understand they have a law firm of skilled employees who are going to be working hard too to find evidence that disputes that of the prosecution and arresting officer. It does not make sense to throw yourself on the mercy of the court and take a harsh punishment when people with more severe charges are getting favorable rulings because of the hard work of their DUI attorney.


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