Hire an Attorney if Facing a Grand Jury


When you have been subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury, or should you have obtained a target letter in the authorities, realize you have legal rights. To be able to safeguard those rights, you have to request the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately.

If you’re appearing before a grand jury, then it’s either because the government thinks you’re a witness to criminal actions or since the government is attempting to collect evidence to prosecute you.

At this point, there might be much you could do in order to prevent the filing of criminal charges against you. Contact grand juries and indictments in Colorado attorney to explore your situation now.

In federal courts, a suspect has to be indicted by a grand jury before charges could be brought. Our lawyers represent individuals in grand jury proceedings in the federal and state levels, helping individuals in Denver and throughout the front assortment of Colorado.

Based upon the details of your situation, our criminal defense lawyers will be able to assist you in several ways through the preliminary phases of your situation. We could negotiate for immunities and assurances in the authorities. Many times, we can positively solve your situation until charges are filed.

Even though defense attorneys can’t be present while you’re testifying before a federal grand jury, we can help organize your testimony. We all know the kinds of queries which will likely be requested and can prepare you for the government’s queries.


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